in a nutshell about us

An organization established with a purpose of helping orphans, widows and providing financial helps to students for their education .The activists of the Mission Trust visit govt. hospitals asylums, cancer centers and leprosy hospitals .

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our short history

St. John’s Mission Charitable Trust started in 2000 with the unity and co-operation of twelve members of our church. It was properly registered in 2003 vide no.79/IV/2003, of which the headquarters is at Kothamangalam. Fifteen cents of land was purchased in 2005 near Kothamangalam Marthamariyam Cathedral, and the Mission office was constructed forth with by Grace of God. At Mariyapuram in Idukki district the Mission started two orphanages in 2008. Twenty cents of land was purchased in 2009 and two buildings were constructed for orphanages (Reg. No. 1913/12 and 2285/14).

help & support

Our Fund provides financial and technical assistance within our own charitable programs.


The promotion of education and the development of creative abilities of children and youth.


Orphanages are established for children who lost their parents.